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Green Landscaping Tips You Should Know

Going green with your garden entails a lot more than just the color of your yard. The truth of it is that you may not like your garden to appear so green. So what does green landscaping really mean?

Green landscaping is also called as sustainable or eco-landscaping. It is a method meant to help you create and maintain a time, money and energy-saving landscape. Green landscapes reduce water, soil and air pollution. Not only that, they create healthy and safe spaces for recreation. More essentially, they nurture wildlife.

If you are looking to go green with your lawn, then right below are some tips that allow you to create and manage your garden in a manner that is sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy.
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Eco-Friendly Planting and Hardscape
Short Course on Businesses – What You Should Know

Plants are considered to be the center of your green landscape. If you are yet unsure of what to plant, then it is ideal that you go with native plants. Native plants are the plants that are growing naturally in your regional environment. But it is advisable that you pick the plants that are native to your local place. A native plant of your state may not grow well in your town.

But how can you possibly get to know regional native plants? Well, there are ways you can try. You can get assistance from a local expert. Local experts are usually knowledge of native plants. In this manner, you can avoid plants that are aggressive or invasive.

Instead of installing a fence, it would be a great idea to plant a hedge or a living wall.

You can also use an eco-friendly way for your hardscape. You can use permeable pavers which are more econ friendly compared to concrete. If you have some concrete pieces, bricks, glass and stones, you can reuse them to save money. When it comes to decks and fencing, you can use recycled plastics.

Maintain a Green Landscape Through Responsible Watering

When its summer, you should allow your grass to be dormant. You can water your lawn but do it less often. When you are watering, make sure that it is a deep soaking. When it’s not, then the grass may not have deep roots.

When it comes to preventing weeds and conserving soil moisture, then you can use organic mulch.

If you are living in a dry area, you can try the drought-tolerant landscaping. This kind of technique will help you get a beautiful landscape without having to water them much.

There are plenty of ways on how to make your landscape and hardscape beautiful. Whatever your design or plans may be, always consider its effect to the environment.